- a trusted provider of
authentic in-person autographed memorabilia. Our extensive collection, spanning
decades, is available for purchase and charity consignment for silent auction
fundraisers. Our team, led by owner and founder Michael K. Kasmar, has been
featured on numerous television shows and in various publications, he’s an
Amazon Best Selling Author for his book on autographs, and is recognized as a
leading authority in the autograph collecting industry.

Our credentials include

Our items can be accepted and found at every major auction house in the world. In addition our autographs are all guaranteed not to fail any of the top major authenticator’s inspection and include a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.

Autograph Pros, L.L.C. is a REAL AUTOGRAPH COLLECTORS CLUB (RACC) TRUSTED SELLER #101 (http://www.RACCTrusted.com). That means our Certificate Of Authenticity is as good as it gets and of the most respected in the industry. The Real Autograph Collectors Club (https://www.facebook.com/groups/realautographcollectorsclub/) is comprised of all the top in-person modern autograph collectors and dealers from throughout the world. Only the most trusted and respected dealers are entered into the RACC Trusted Seller program. As a member of this elite group of autograph dealers, each member’s inventory is well policed and scrutinized to ensure only 100% authentic autographs are sold. In addition there is a strict CODE OF CONDUCT which we are required to abide by. Members who are found to violate the Code of Conduct or sellers of fake memorabilia are removed from membership.

Autograph Pros, L.L.C. is a UNIVERSAL AUTOGRAPH COLLECTORS CLUB (UACC) REGISTERED DEALER #237. As the longest standing autograph club only the most respected dealers are given access to the UACC RD program. http://uacc.org/dealerdirectory.php The Registered Dealer program is not just some pay for membership program. You must be a member of the UACC for 2 years and then be sponsored in by other UACC Registered Dealers and only then are you even considered. With less than 300 members worldwide, once again each member’s inventory is well policed and scrutinized to ensure only 100% authentic autographs are sold. In addition there is also a strict CODE OF CONDUCT which we are required to abide by. Failure to abide by the outlined Code of Ethics or sellers who offer forged autographs are removed from the UACC RD program.

Autograph Pros, L.L.C. is an AUTOGRAPH FAIR TRADE ASSOCIATION LTD (AFTAL) AUTHORIZED DEALER #161http://www.aftal.org.uk/dealers.php This organization is essentially the European version of the UACC RD program with dealers throughout the world. In addition to yet another strict Code of Ethics to abide by and your items being policed, AFTAL has helped to actually put forgers in jail.

2011 UNIVERSAL AUTOGRAPH COLLECTORS CLUB (UACC) AUTOGRAPH DEALER OF THE YEAR. In 2011, Autograph Pros, LLC was honored with the prestigious title of "Autograph Dealer of the Year" by the Universal Autograph Collectors Club (UACC). This coveted award, considered the equivalent of a Grammy within the autograph industry, recognizes the company as a leader among all autograph dealers worldwide.

Co-Founder of the Real Autograph Collectors Club. (RACC) (https://www.facebook.com/groups/realautographcollectorsclub/) (This group has become the go-to place for modern celebrity and music autograph collectors and dealers from throughout the world. With nearly 30,000 members you’ll find the most informed and interactive hobbyists who come together to share their experience and hobby expertise.

CEO of Charity Works – Autograph Pros, LLC, under the leadership of owner Michael Kasmar, established a program called Charity Works to support charitable organizations worldwide. The program allows charities to utilize highly sought-after autographed memorabilia for fundraising events, at no cost or risk. To date, the program has successfully raised millions of dollars for charities and continues to onboard new organizations regularly. The company was also exclusively chosen by Bidding For Good, an online charity auction platform, to provide music and celebrity memorabilia to their vendor marketplace, further solidifying Autograph Pros, LLC's position as a leader among autograph dealers worldwide.

Consignee for The Grammy Foundation and MusiCares. The Grammy Foundation and MusiCares, two of the most respected organizations in the music industry, have selected Autograph Pros, LLC to consign and sell autographed memorabilia on their behalf. This decision recognizes the company's reputation for trustworthiness and integrity within the autograph dealership industry.

Authenticator – With decades of experience and a deep understanding of the autograph industry, Michael Kasmar, the owner of Autograph Pros, LLC, has developed an extensive database of in-person authentic exemplars. Through his dedicated study of the hobby for over 20 years and obtaining thousands of autographs in person, he has honed the expertise to authenticate autographs with a high degree of accuracy.

There are several things you can expect from us here at Autograph Pros LLC

At Autograph Pros LLC, you
can expect certified authentic autographs with a written, hand-signed Lifetime
Guarantee of Authenticity. Our signatures are obtained in person and come with
a signed Certificate of Authenticity, and we do not sell reprints,
reproductions, or facsimile signatures. We provide proof of authenticity,
including photographs of our items being signed, and video footage when
available, and many of our items have been authenticated by top Third Party
Authenticators such as ACOA, BAS, JSA, and PSA.

We offer reliable customer support
and are dedicated to your satisfaction, whether you are a single item buyer or
a large charity organization. Our owner, Michael K. Kasmar, is a collector at
heart and has always approached autograph sales with the needs of collectors in
mind. Take your time and browse around our website to experience the best in
authentic autographs and customer service.

A message from Michael Kasmar, Owner of Autograph Pros…

Autograph Pros, LLC has established itself as one of the leading distributors of authentic autographed guitars worldwide. The company has experienced significant growth in recent years and is considered a market leader in this field. Despite its success, the company remains approachable and dedicated to providing personalized customer service, answering any questions about its products and ensuring a secure and comfortable purchasing experience. The company's owner, Michael Kasmar, takes pride in the company's accomplishments and is happy to share the history of how Autograph Pros came to be.

In the early 1980s, I began collecting autographs and quickly amassed an impressive collection, particularly in the realm of sports memorabilia. I devoted years to studying the industry, honing my knowledge and skills, and seeking out new sources for high-quality autographed items. However, due to financial difficulties, I was forced to sell my collection, losing signatures of many deceased legends and Hall of Famers that were irreplaceable to me.

Determined to rebuild my collection, I returned to the hobby with renewed energy and quickly established connections that allowed me to obtain in-person autographs on a regular basis. As my collection grew, I recognized the market demand for authentic autographed items, and began participating in card shows, conventions, and local auctions. As the volume of autographs I was obtaining increased, I transitioned to an online platform and became one of the first legitimate autograph dealers to list on eBay.

Over time, I have built a team of in-person graphers who spend countless hours and days obtaining the items featured on our website and auctions. We also create and participate in private autograph signings directly with countless celebrities. We take great pride in our work and have received positive feedback from fans, gift-givers, and charity organizations.

One of the greatest achievements of Autograph Pros, LLC is our work with non-profit organizations. We have helped countless charities raise vital funds for their causes and supplied top radio stations with grand prizes for their listeners. Additionally, we have furnished restaurants and bars with customized guitars to enhance the customer experience.

We hope that you will find our website to be a valuable resource and that you will become a regular visitor. We look forward to getting to know you on a first-name basis.