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Welcome to the Charity Works program

For years Autograph Pros, LLC had been contacted by charities seeking help with their fundraisers so Michael Kasmar,
owner of Autograph Pros, LLC decided to create the Charity Works program so that
we can help all charities and fundraisers features only proven authentic in-person obtained autographs. That means we have 100s of items that carry EXACT PROOF by either photos of the EXACT item shown being signed or video footage showing the item being signed. How about at your next fundraiser you put the video of Steven Tyler signing the exact guitar we are consigning and see how that goes?
In addition we have the largest selection of in-person autographs numbering nearly 10,000 and over 1000 premium items that are already Third Party Authenticated. The ONLY hobby recognized TPAs currently are ACOA, Beckett (BAS), JSA, and PSA/DNA. These are the top authenticators that hobby veterans will tell you are the ones who do the best job. A TPA or Third Party Authenticator is a company that we send our items to who will issue an additional Certificate of Authenticity for all items that pass their authentication process. We don’t send ALL of our items to TPAs as we incur a cost for their service which we have to pass on to customers and try to keep all costs down but we can however get any item we have offered authenticated by the TPA of your choice for whatever the fees they charge and that offer is for any of our items.
There are countless other ‘authenticators’ or ‘forensic examiners’ out there and if you’re unsure of their legitimacy check the major online auctions like eBay for how many items carry their certification. Believe me; if there were other better qualified experts in the field I’d use them. Our goal has always been to make our customers feel the most confident and secure in their purchases. If you aren’t seeing their authentication on 1000s of items there then you will quickly realize these are the ones to be avoided because they simply aren’t trusted in the hobby and likely for a very good reason.
In addition to any video/photo proof or TPA documentation every item also includes a Certificate of Authenticity from RACC Trusted Seller #101, UACC Registered Dealer #237, and AFTAL Authorized Dealer #161. Memberships to these organizations where your items are constantly policed for authenticity and where there’s a strict Code of Ethics to abide for are well respected in the hobby and the COA is one of the most trusted in the industry. The reason is simple, it’s impossible to be a member of these organizations and offer forgeries. You’d be immediately removed from them. We are here to protect your charity’s integrity and more importantly ensure no embarrassing moments happen in the future like having your major donors realize what they bought was not authentic. We go to great lengths to provide provenance and documentation which you can see on our Youtube page where 100s of the top celebrities are videotaped signing our exact items:

How the Charity Works program works:

This program is designed for charities knowing the stress that can be involved on your end so we’ve made it incredibly simple for you. One of our Charity Liaisons will assist you in determining which items would work best for your upcoming fundraiser. These items are sent to you at no cost and no risk on a consignment basis. We offer our charities the best possible discount, even better than our best wholesale customers to ensure your organization can make the maximum profits. Any items after the auction left unsold are returned to us again at no expense to you. The Charity Works program is also available for your online fundraisers as well. We also offer even greater discounts on our items if you’d like to buy the items outright or you’re a donor wishing to donate the item directly to the charity we can also offer the greatest discounts.